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How do we work?

 After receiving your request, we will select tutors who meet your requirements and also from your shortlist (if any).
 We will contact and interview these tutors, focusing on those who have received good feedbacks from past clients.
 Their profiles will be sent to you via SMS/phone/email.
 You will decide on which tutor to engage.
 We will exchange both parties' contact information and start the lesson.
 If you decide to continue, we will send an invoice on payment matters.
 Should you find the tutor unsuitable, you can stop anytime and you only need to pay for the lesson(s) given.

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Terms and Conditions

Kindly note:

1. There are no trial lessons given.
2. You can terminate the tuition anytime and only pay for the lessons given by the tutor.
3. 50% commission of the first month is levied on the tutor but collected from you.

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