Do you know someone who needs a tutor?

Recommend us to any of your friends or relatives and be rewarded with 30% of the commission collected for each successful student-tutor assignment!

Simply send an SMS / email or call us with the following information and we will do the rest.

Your name & contact no:
Your referral’s name & contact no:
Any info regarding tutor request:

Our contact numbers are 6366 6647 / 9067 2547. Email:

How does it work?

The referral cash reward is 30% of the agency commission (Agency commission is 50% of the first month’s tuition fees minus the Cashback incentive)

Tuition Fees = $300
Agency Commission = $150 - $30 Cashback = $120
Your Referral Cash Reward = 30% x $120 = $36

Payment of the referral cash reward will be made after we have successfully collected our agency fees from the assignment.

Terms & Conditions

1. The referral cannot be residing in the same household, e.g. referring your other child doesn’t count!
2. The referral cash reward is a one-time payment. If the tutor is changed in future, no further payments will be made.
3. Payment is via fund transfer to your designated bank account.
4. Tutors are also eligible. If you are unable to teach a student for any reason, you can also refer to us and earn referral cash rewards.
5. In the event of disputes or cancellation of assignment, Tutor City reserves the right to cancel the payment of the referral cash reward.

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