Want to appear on our Featured Tutors section to boost your chances of getting an assignment?

Now you can!

As long as you meet our basic criterias and for a small fee, your photo can appear as one of the featured tutors, which will be seen by hundreds of parents / tuition centre owners everyday as they search for a tutor.

Why does Tutor City charge for this when other agencies select their featured tutors FOC?

There are many good tutors and everyone deserves a spot in being a featured tutor. But how many actually get selected to be on the front page of the agency’s website?

Simply put, featured tutors’ space is limited in every website. For Tutor City, we place 3 tutors to be shown at any one time and the panel rotates to the next 3 tutors, allowing maximum visibility and focus on each set of 3 tutor profiles. 

Due to this limitation of space and maintenance cost, we have to charge a small fee, which is easily recouped if you get the first assignment. 

What are the rates?

For only $3 a day, you get a place on the featured tutors section. It is payable in blocks of 7 / 14 / 30 calendar days.

7 days - $21

14 days - $42

30 days - $90

What are the minimum criterias to be a featured tutor?

1. 18 years old & above at the time of registration
2. Possess a Diploma or Degree in any field.
3. At least 1 year tutoring experience, to be written in the Experiencesection of the “Be a Tutor” form
4. Provide 1 photo and scanned certificates for online viewing.

Okay, how do I submit a request to be a featured tutor?

Register via our “Be a Tutor” form. Remember to upload or email your photo and scanned certs.

Send an email to us with the subject header “Featured Tutor Request”, together with your full name, NRIC, contact number and indicate 7 / 14 / 30 days, in the email body.

We will reply with procedures on making payment upon confirmation.

Terms & Conditions

1. Each request will be subjected to a review by the Management. Tutor City will notify you within 48 hours on the outcome. 
2. Incomplete registration will be rejected. We also reserve all rights to reject a request without providing any reason.
3. Tutor City may at any time, remove a featured tutor if false information was provided on the tutor’s qualifications, experience, etc.
4. Tutor City will notify successful tutors via email on the start to end date of the featured tutor listing. It usually starts on the midnight of Day 1 to midnight of the final day.
5. Upon approval, we will place the profile into the featured tutors after receiving payment.

Important disclaimer:

1. Tutor City does not guarantee a successful tuition assignment for each featured tutor. The success rate of getting an assignment rests upon many factors such as location, timing, budget and subject(s) requested.
2. Tutor City will not be liable for any malfunction or virus infection to the tutor’s computer during the registration process.