Tuition Time Sheet

To better track the number of tuition sessions given, we have created a tuition time sheet which can be downloaded and printed for free.

There are occasions where misunderstandings can occur whereby confusion arises over the number of lessons taught and payment amount. At times, certain lessons may be postponed due to last-minute & unforeseen circumstances. Hence, this will cause unnecessary disputes.

This can be easily resolved if both the tutor and parent keep track in black & white.

Tutor City thus created a Tuition Time Sheet for parents and tutors to use. At the end of each session, both tutor and student/parent will sign on the time sheet. We also recommend that the tutor keep the original time sheet since he/she is the payee.

With formal records, we hope that the number of conflicts can be reduced and both parties can benefit from the tuition.

The time sheet is a single-page A4 size PDF file, which can be saved onto your computer or printed out.

Download Tuition Time Sheet 
To save onto your computer: Right-click on the link and choose "Save As"



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