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Science is introduced in the Primary and Secondary School levels. Students are taught from the very basic and general form and its progress, as the difficulty rises as specializations are introduced. Physics keeps changing as we progress and make new discoveries. It is very difficult to explain why objects move around the way they do, without describing motion. Teachers in school only have a limited time frame to each student to teach and answer queries. Hence, physic tuition is the ideal solution to clear any doubts and queries, instantaneously.

Tutor City provides specialist Physics tutors for all levels from Secondary (O level) and JC (A level) Physics, IB Physics and undergraduate level Physics.

Our qualified and dedicated tutors can provide 1-to-1 tuition or small group tuition in your house, at your preferred time. No Physics problem is too difficult to resolve with our home tutors at your child’s side.

Physics is taught and tested at various levels listed below:

  Secondary Physics (Pure/Combined), IGCSE Physics 
  'A' Level Physics (H1 Physics, H2 Physics, H3 Physics)
  International Baccalaurate (IB) SL / HL Physics
  Tertiary level Physics (Polytechnic, University)

When you enrol for Physics tuition, you will get a chance to learn many topics such as electricity, mechanics, x-rays, radioactivity, universe, properties of matter, light, etc. Examples of some of the topics are:

1) Properties of matter: The components of matter consist of atoms and molecules, found on Earth in 3 states - solid, liquid and gases.

2) Modern Physics: There are various theories to explain on facts about matter. Prout proposed that atoms of all elements were made up of hydrogen atoms. In Rutherford's atom model, a nucleus which is a tiny central core has an entire positive charge and mass of an atom is concentrated on it, and the electrons move around the nucleus in circular orbits. The building blocks of an atom comprise of electrons, protons and neutron.

3) Universe: There are 2 types of studies in understanding our universe. First one is Astronomy which is the study of heavenly bodies and focus on their position, motion and composition. The second is Astrophysics which deals with the physical properties and interaction of celestial bodies. The sun occupies the central position of the system holding together the planets, comets and asteroids which together make up the Solar system

In today’s education system, there is a rise in difficulty of the subjects taught in school. Furthermore, students today want everything spelled out. It is proven that physics tuition can indeed strengthen your child’s knowledge and opportunities to form deeper insights of physics.

Physics tuition is therefore, one of the most highly demanded tuition in Singapore due to its importance in the educational pathway to a good future. Many parents have found it a necessity to engage a Physics tutor for their child, and Tutor City is here to assist you if you need one.

Tuition fees - How do tutors charge?

Rates vary according to the tutor category and the level of the students, and it is usually counted at an hourly rate. 

Tuition Rates
Pri 1-3
Pri 4-6
Sec 1-2
Sec 3-4
IGCSE 9-10
JC Year 1
IB Year 1
JC Year 2
IB Year 2
Poly Student $20 - $25 $20 - $25 $25 - $30 $25 - $30 NA NA
Undergrad $25 - $30 $25 - $30 $30 - $35 $30 - $35 $40 - $50 $40 - $50
Part-Time Tutor $25 - $30 $30 - $35 $35 - $40 $35 - $40 $40 - $50 $45 - $60
Full-Time Tutor $30 - $35 $35 - $40 $35 - $40 $40 - $50 $50 - $60 $60 - $70
Teachers $45 - $50 $50 - $70 $50 - $60 $60 - $70 $80 - $100 $90 - $120